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Feel nature

In Ogasawara, Japan’s first ecotourism centered on whale watching was launched in 1988, and since then, various rules, including voluntary rules, have been used in marine and mountain activities.

Through these efforts, the islands’ natural environment was protected even before it was registered as a World Heritage site.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in respecting the various rules when you visit the islands.

◆Ogasawara Country Code

The Ministry of the Environment has established the Ogasawara Country Code as rules for everyone visiting Ogasawara. Please check the rules so that you can enjoy your time while protecting the precious nature.

◆Various voluntary rules

In addition to the above country code, there is a rulebook containing governmental laws and regulations as well as local rules established by organizations. Please read it.

For the latest information, check the websites below.

Ogasawara Rulebook