Frequently asked questions about the World Heritage Centre

When is it open?

It’s open 9:00-17:00 while the Ogasawara Maru is in port and when a cruise ship is in town.

How much is admission?

Admission is free.

Is it necessary to take off shoes?

It is necessary. There are endangered species like land snails and tiger beetles reared in the centre, we appreciate your cooperation not to bring non-native species into the centre.

Is it okay to take photographs?

Photography is allowed.

Can I ask questions to staff working in the Breeding Lab?

Please ask staff at the Ranger Office if you have any questions.

Is there parking available?

There are several parking spaces available at the end of and behind the centre. There are also public parking spaces next to the centre.

Is there any space to leave a large luggage or a stroller?

You can place them aside at the entrance hall.

Is there a changing table for infants?

Sorry, there are none available.

Can people with a wheelchair enter the centre?

The centre is barrier-free, so anyone can visit. We appreciate your cooperation by cleaning the tires at the entrance.

Where is the entrance to the Veterinary Room?

At the end of the centre, there are two parking spaces. From there, heading towards the river, there are three doors on the right side and the door in the middle is the entrance to the Veterinary Room. 

Please check the website below if you need to see the veterinarian.

Ogasawara Island Developing Committee for the Coexistence of People, Pets, and Wildlife