Haha no Yu activities

About Haha-no-Yu

In FY2020, the Ministry of the Environment started provisional use of Haha-no-Yu ( Hahajima hot-bathing facility) to prevent the introduction of non-native species onto Hahajima Island with the soil-attached seedlings/potted plants.
This initiative was discussed over and over in the Hahajima Meeting of the Ogasawara Scientific Council as a voluntary rule for Hahajima Island. Although there are no fines, we appreciate the understanding and cooperation of residents on the island and visitors to protect the precious nature of Hahajima Island.

When potted plants / soil-attached seedlings need to be brought onto Hahajima Island

Haha-no-Yu will be installed at the port of Hahajima Island whenever necessary.
If you plan to bring potted plants / soil-attached seedlings to Hahajima Island, please contact the Hahajima Ranger Office for Conservation at +81-4998-3-2577 in advance.

  1. 1) Order your potted plants to be delivered to Oki Port
  2. 2) Contact the Hahajima Ranger Office in advance to notify it of the arrival date, type, and size of the plants
  3. 3) On arrival, take your plants to Haha-no-Yu
  4. 4) Hot-bathing your plants in Haha-no-Yu (it takes about 40 mins to 2 hrs)

Various tests are conducted at the Ogasawara Subtropical Agricultural Research Center for the hot-bathing process of potted plants / soil-attached seedlings.
The current hot-bathing conditions such as temperature and bathing time at Haha-no-Yu are set based on the test results at the Ogasawara Subtropical Agricultural Research Center. For detailed test results, please see the following website.

Due to the village ordinance to prevent Formasan termites and other alien species from enterint Hahajima Island, bringing in any planting materials from areas where Formasan termites inhabits, including Chichijima Island, are prohibited. For more details, please check the following website.