• NEW

    Lecture on Plants

    On Novermber 12th, we will hold a lecture on plants by staffs from Koishikawa Botanicakl Garden. The latest research on endangered endemic species in Ogasawara and ex-situ conservation efforts at the botanical garden will be introduced. It will start from 7 pm and no reservation is required. Just come directly to the centre and try to bring a friend or two!

  • 2023.5.30

    About UMIGOMI Zero Week

    Every year, the period from May 30th, “UMIGOMI Zero Day” to June 8th, “World Oceans Day” is called “UMIGOMI Zero Week” and various activities to help reduce marine litters are being held all over Japan. Since 2020, collection boxes for marine littes and microplastics have been set up on the major beaches of Chichijima Island as part of the “UMIGOMI Zero Week” initiative. We will set up boxes for collecting marine litters on four beaches of Chichijima Island this year as well, please help us collect marne litters when you go out or come to the island. At the Ogasawara…

  • 2023.4.29

    Holiday event

    At Ogasawara World Heritage Centre, we’re holding a holiday event “Let’s find burrows of tiger beetle larvae and get the prize” from today until May 6th. During this perod, we also set a reading space with several books regarding insects. If you’re wondering what to do on the island, please come and visit us!

  • 2023.4.21

    Volunteers wanted!

    Currently, we are seeking volunteers who could join us to eliminate non-native plants growing on Minamijima Island on May 7th. This is your chance to be involved in a conservation work protecting nature of Ogasawara Islands as a World Heritage site. Maximum 20 volunteers are wanted on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested in, please call at 04998-2-2270 (Environment Section, Ogasawara Village).

  • 2023.2.17

    We have renewed our website.

    This website has been renewed and released to the public as the website of the Ogasawara World Heritage Centre. In addition to information on the World Heritage Centre, we will share a wide range of information on the nature of Ogasawara and Natural World Heritage sites.