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The Ogasawara Islands are located approximately 1,000 km south of Tokyo.
These islands can be loosely divided into the Ogasawara Archipelago and the Kazan Island Group.

Ogasawara located


Characteristic topography, geography, and geology can be observed on the Ogasawara Islands, including the karst landform, sea cliffs, pillow lava, boninite, and foraminifers. Sclerophyllous scrub woodlands are found on Chichijima Islands and forests of tall trees called "subtropical rainforest" are found on Hahajima Island.


Animals & Plants

There are a large number of animals and plants that are found only on the Ogasawara Islands. These include birds, such as the endemic subspecies of Japanese wood-pigeon (Columba janthina nitens) and the endemic Bonin honeyeater (Apalopteron familiare hahasima); insects, such as the endemic tiger beetle (Cicindela bonina) and the endemic dragonfly (Boninagrion ezoin); and land snails, such as Mandarina anijimana and Hirasea operculina.


Marine Life

Inside the clear deep blue ocean of the Ogasawara Islands, you can see colourful tropical fish and coral reefs. Animals such as whales, dolphins, and loggerhead turtles also live in the ocean.