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Please take care not to introduce any alien species to Ogasawara.

The Ogasawara Islands have never been connected by land to the continent. Thus, the organisms living on such environment have formed ecosystems which can be easily influenced by external factors. Animals and plants endemic to Ogasawara are currently decreasing in number as they are eaten or as their habitats are taken over by alien organisms.

For this reason, is it important that every visitor to the Ogasawara Islands pay attention not to bring in any alien organisms that may cause negative impact to the ecosystems of Ogasawara.

When you are preparing your luggage at home, boarding the Ogasawara Maru or the Hahajima Maru, or traveling to Minamijima Island, please carefully remove any plant seeds or soil attached to your clothes, shoe soles, or luggage such as tripods.

Ogasawara Islands

What we can do for the nature of Ogasawara

When boarding the Ogasawara Maru from the mainland...

Following luggage items may act as alien species themselves or contain alien species.

1.Animals, insects, and tropical fish (e.g. pets)

There is a danger that escaped pets cause

negative impact to the nature of Ogasawara.

For example by attacking animals and plants

of Ogasawara.


Hercules beetle (Dynastes hercules) Red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans)



2. Plants (e.g. potted plants, seedlings, seeds, and cut flowers)

Plants themselves may act as alien species

or contain alien species in the pot or on

other parts of plants such as leaves.


An ant attached to a leaf of a seedling Weeds contained in a potted seedling



3. Other luggage (especially those made of wood, vehicles, or others that can easily have soil attached to them)

Alien species may be stuck to wooden

items or vehicles that can easily have soil

attached to them.


A snail stuck to a material Soil stuck to a tire




Careful attention must be paid when you are bringing in such items.

* Please do not bring in such items as much as possible.

* When you are bringing them in, please check for and remove insects or plant seeds that may be attached to the items or mixed in soil.

* Please own animals and plants with responsibility. Do not let them escape or through them away to the outdoors.

When boarding the Hahajima Maru from Chichijima Island...

On Chichijima Island, snails endemic to Ogasawara are in danger of extinction as they are eaten by alien predatory flatworm.

This predatory flatworm has not been brought in to Hahajima Island.

Shoes, tripods, or any other items used on Chichijima may have the flatworm attached to them with soil.

* Please wash any items with soil attached to them thoroughly before traveling to Hahajima Island.

* When disembarking from the Hahajima Maru, please clean the soles of your shoes with brush mats soaked with seawater.

Washing shoe soles when disembarking from Hahajima Maru

When using trails...

In the mountains, there live precious organisms endemic to Ogasawara.

Due to alien species such as plants and the predatory flatworm brought in by people, the precious ecosystems are in danger of being destroyed.

Small insects or plant seeds may be stuck to your shoe soles, clothes, or other items.

* Please clean up your shoes, clothes, or other items using brush mats and sticky rollers set up at the entrances of trails.

A brush mat to remove soil from shoe soles and a sticky roller

When boarding a tour boat from Chichijima or Hahajima Islands...

Alien species such as green anoles,cane toads, and the predatory flatworm have not invaded uninhabited islands such as Minamijima Island.

* Please check for alien species such as green anoles in your rucksack and if you find them, please remove them.

* Please wash any items with soil thoroughly before boarding the boat.

* Please check for insects or plant seeds in/on your luggage or clothes and if you find them, please remove them.

A seed of an alien plant species stuck to clothes

Check for alien species in/on your luggage

It is highly possible that following items contain alien species. Please refer to the check list or pamphlets (placed in the Ogasawara Maru) and prevent spreading alien species.

* Alien species check list for your luggage
Alien species check list for your luggage

Pamphlets placed in the Ogasawara Maru(With the cooperation of OgasawaraKaiun Co., Ltd.)

Apart from moving alien species...

In order to protect and enjoy the precious nature of Ogasawara, there are various matters to concern apart from paying attention not to move alien species.
Various laws and ordinances set by the government and voluntary rules set by several organizations have been put together in the Rule Book. Please read through the book once.

Plans to Protect Natural Environment

World Natural Heritage Ogasawara Islands Management Plan(Summarized version)

World Natural Heritage Ogasawara Islands Ecosystem Conservation Action Plan [3rd term](Summarized version)

Ogasawara National Park Designation Document (Summarized version)

Designation Plan of Ogasawara Archipelago National Wildlife Protection Area (Summarized version)

Policy on the Conservation of Endemic Land Snails on the Ogasawara Islands (Summarized version)